Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 10

If you started this when I started writing it, today is Christmas Eve, but if you started late, it's OK, this post can be Christmas specific or not.

I want you to come up with three special holiday or birthday memories. It can be the expression on the face of someone in your past when they got a gift you gave that was special, or a funny thing that happened when you were a child. Or it can be a meltdown that didn't ruin Christmas but instead made it memorable.

Whatever it is -- three holiday memories that bring a smile. It won't be as hard as you think.


  1. You didn't say that we had to share our memories but I'd like to.

    Memory #1 - Sitting in the dark living room early morning with only the light of the Christmas tree and enjoying the quiet of the house.

    Memory #2 - Laughing with my family. We have a large family and I grew up in a house full of love and laughter. Some of the best Christmas times were spent at home with nowhere to go surrounded by family.

    Memory #3 - Doing something for someone anonymously and knowing I may have made someone smile. Usually I will try to do something for those in need and just share the blessings of this life.

    You are right, Claudia. It was so easy to come up with three that I could keep going with many more. And I find after typing them that it filled my heart with joy just thinking of them. Thank you for your gift of encouragement and Merry Christmas!

  2. Stacy -- Thanks for sharing. I loved reading your memories. Anyone else want to share?

  3. Christmas Caroling in the snow.

    The way my Grandma's house smelled on Christmas day--a mixture of ham cooking and a bayberry candle. :)

    Watching my first child on Christmas Day opening his presents. I never realized that children make Christmas so much more enjoyable until that moment.

  4. 1. Christmas Eve at my aunt and uncle's house, holding hands with my cousins while the 12 of us danced around their huge Christmas tree. Going to church afterwards and singing the Christmas hymns I loved.

    2. The Smorgasbord at my grandmother's house. Everything smelled so good and the decorations were beautiful, with lots of candles burning in Swedish candlesticks, and the huge amount of food on the buffet table, beautifully dressed with Swedish linens. My uncle dressed up as the Swedish tomte. Seeing who would find the almond hidden in the rice pudding. Going home afterwards and sitting quietly, listening to Christmas music, with a fire in the fireplace, candles burning, Christmas tree lights twinkling.

    3. Christmas Day at home. I was always the first one up, waking my younger sisters and getting them to go in and wake up my parents. The special Christmas Danish wreath that my mom made for Christmas breakfast that was only served on that day and tasted better than any other pastry I'd ever had. Opening presents in the morning. Grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins coming for Christmas dinner, tables pushed together in order for everyone to fit. Lots of laughter at the dinner table. The best Christmas cookies ever. Listening to Christmas music, sipping eggnog. Friends stopping by in the evening to visit. Driving around at night, looking at Christmas lights. Feelings of happiness and contentment.

  5. Wow, Denise! You have a lot of really great Christmas memories!!!

  6. They really are some of my best memories, Claudia. I just struggle with accepting that our Christmases don't look anything like the ones I had growing up, and never will. Finding new ways of celebrating that work for us has been an ongoing challenge!