Thursday, December 15, 2011


Do you feel like you're in a hole -- way down deep? Or maybe you're back inside a cave where it's dark and scary. Do you feel like emotionally you are at an all time low, completely overwhelmed by life? Has illness, stress, or the behavior of those around you caused you to wonder if you're going to make it. If so, there is hope.

I've been there the past few weeks, and I know that there is hope -- there is a way out. For me it has been the combination of an impossible work schedule (because of my own errors in scheduling), health issues, and the disappointment and stress of having seven adult children and five teenagers, along with two grandchildren, and having several of them disappoint us in many ways. Sometimes it seems to much.

If you haven't already, you really should rent or buy "What About Bob" and watch the movie. It is hilarious and makes a great statement about dealing with those who have mental health challenges: Embrace them the way they are or YOU will go crazy.

Here is a scene from the movie that pertains to this blog (as a background, Bill Murray plays a man with OCD and many other issues, including severe phobias. Richard Dreyfuss is his psychiatrist. This is one of the beginning scenes of the movie.

This blog is going to help us take baby steps out of the hole or cave we find ourselves in. Each day there will be a minor challenge that will take less than five minutes. The challenges will grow in difficulty, but should never be lengthy. Each week there will be a weekly challenge that YOU choose.

Any day can be your day one -- so if you jump in late, it's fine. Would love it if everyone who is doing this with us comments and shares their progress as we will motivate one another.

For those of us starting day one on the same day that I'm writing it, the goal is to get some practice with success so that when the holidays are over we'll have a jump start to the days when everyone else is making resolutions.

SO... if you're joining us, leave a comment and let me know your start date. And please, as you go through each day feedback on the challenge of the day and if was helpful.

I'm excited -- I believe that this is going to help all of us move up and out of whatever place we find ourselves.


  1. What a great idea Claudia and one that is so needed! I'll take the challenge starting today. Following this blog daily will help keep me writing in my own every day as well. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. I love this idea. I'll start today, too. Thank you for this!

  3. I'll do the challenge starting today as well.

  4. I struggle with SAD--winter depression. This daily challenge has lifted my spirits. When I read you were starting this blog--I thought maybe you were doing it just for me--then I remembered you don't actually know me. :) Thank you!!