Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weekly Challenge Number One

As we go through this journey, every week I am going to offer you the opportunity to add one thing to your life or take one thing out of it. And the intention of these things are to build habits that can keep going. If you can do the challenge for a week, then you can add another challenge on TOP of it.... that means you keep doing the first while adding the second.

Remember, this is called baby steps, so the challenge doesn't have to be a huge one. Just something very small.

Let me share with you what my first weekly challenge was... and I've done it for a week! There is a small part of our bedroom that is always a huge mess historically. For some reason our bedroom is grand central station and people are in and out of our bedroom all the time. They always want to lie on our bed and often it doesn't get made in the morning before someone is lying on it and it stays that way all day long.

So my challenge has been to clean up that pathway right next to the door, keep the end table by my bed free of clutter, and make the bed each day. It takes me about five minutes, but it makes the bedroom a much more pleasant place to be. I've been doing it for a week and it empowers me because I can do that ONE thing to think that I can do something else.

So now that I've been doing it for a week I am going to add the "no sugar drinks" back into my routine. I drink too much stuff with sugar in it and my diabetes is really effected by it, so this is my next step.

What about you? What weekly challenge are you going to give yourself?


  1. My challenge will be to keep my desk clean. It's in the kitchen and has become a dumping ground for everyone. I don't like the clutter so I'm going to work extra hard at keeping on top of it.

  2. yay, Denise! Keep us posted on how you do. Has anyone else chosen a Weekly challenge for the week?

  3. My weekly challenge I chose has proven to be more difficult but I am so far doing okay. I chose to let my husband parent. Yep, that's what I said - "let" him parent. Too often he and I argue about what is happening with the kids and I am working on just keeping my mouth shut. It is tough to remember that my way is not the only way but so far it has relieved some of the bickering. In time, sharing the control will benefit all of us.

  4. Stacy, That's a great challenge! I think that it is one of the things we all struggle with, so you're working on it is an inspiration to everyone!