Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 9

Today I'm going to offer a resource to you and I just want you to spend a few minutes checking it out. Several years ago when I was responsible for some of of the housekeeping around here, this website changed the way I managed things and was very helpful to me.

The reason that I like it so much is that it taught me the principle of baby steps. It is very much a system that creates small victories and builds on them.

So, for today, just check it out.... The site has grown and developed a lot over the years since I first used it and I tell myself that I'm going to get back to some of it. So... check out the Fly Lady for a few minutes today. If you choose to do some of her stuff I think it will help you, but at least get the gist of what she is attempting to do. Her one step at a time concept is crucial to any plan to make progress.

1 comment:

  1. I followed FlyLady years ago. We started up a local group, and I made my control journal, which I still have. It was a good system and it really did work; I just stopped working it! I liked seeing how much the website has changed, and I'm inspired to start implementing the baby steps again.