Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 7

I discovered this YouTube today and have loved Pachabel's Canon in D for years. In fact it was played at our wedding.

However, this arrangement at Christmas time was awesome. Even though Christmas is over, this is still beautiful.

But here is the task and if you know me I usually don't talk like this much... but I want you to listen to this song (eyes closed or with the video, up to you) and open up your soul. Let the notes reach deep inside you and stir you. Let the music carry you -- to heights and depths of emotion -- to fully experience BEING.

Too often our lives cause us to focus on what we do, but for three minutes and thirty seconds I want you to let the music put you in touch with the person you are -- apart from the things you do.

I think when you do, the beauty of the music will lead you to discovering the beauty with in you that you may just have forgotten is there.

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  1. We had Pachelbel's Canon in D at our wedding, too. I also love this Christmas rendition of it.

    I had to listen to it twice to really let it in. I have such a hard time focusing on anything because I expect interruptions from the kids, or my mind is going with everything I need to do.

    I've almost completely shut music out of my life because it often seems like it's just another level of noise in our house.

    I'm not sure I even know who I am at this point, so that was hard to let in, but it was good to sit and relax for a few minutes and really feel each note of a piece that I love.