Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 5

Today is the day to start a gratitude journal. Getting it started is your only job today. Whether or not you keep it up is up to you.

So, either on your computer or in a notebook I want you to write the title on the first page. Gratitude journal.

Now write the number 1.

Write down one thing you are grateful for. If you can't narrow it down to one, keep writing. Then let me know how many you came up with in five minutes.

I think you might be surprised.


  1. Tried not to overthink it....opened a document on my computer and started (sometimes I'm overwhelmed with doing it "right" and don't get started). I had to sit and breath for a few moments and then I started and am keeping the document open on my desktop so I can add to it today.

  2. I came up with 43 things in five minutes. I hope to find the discipline to continue with this because it's much easier for me to focus on the crazy things in my life than it is on the many blessings.

  3. Denise and Amy:

    That's GREAT that you got started. That's the hardest part sometimes. And 43 things in five minutes is awesome.

    Keeping it open on the desktop is a great idea...

    You guys rock!

  4. I actually know of a young couple with 3 small children is dealing with the dad's cancer and they have a goal to write 1000 things in their gratitude journal. I think that is an awesome way to combat the depression that can so easily slip in during difficult timees.