Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 13

Outside of people in your immediate family, who is someone who ALWAYS makes you feel good inside -- who values you and encourages you?

Today I want you to schedule a time to either call that person (if they live far away) or have coffee or lunch with them. Again, you don't have to do it yet, but you need to schedule a time to do it. I know I'm filling up your calendar, but remember, these are things that are going to gradually get you to a better place.

So who is it? Get ahold of them today and set something up!


  1. This one is tough. I'm notorious for not making calls or going out with friends. Unfortunately, my friend is the same way! We both mean well but just get caught up in the day-to-day drama at home. So, I loosely scheduled a call for this weekend...

  2. I did it! I actually made the call. And I laughed so hard that my son told me I'd better stop because he was worried that I was going to have a seizure!

  3. Denise -- That is SO awesome! Thanks for starting my day with a smile!