Saturday, January 7, 2017

Do you love a challenge?

Some people are motivated by challenge.  Others respond in defiance, while others shy away from them.  You probably know that I am one of those people who believes, "The bigger the mountain, the better the climb."

So as part of this blog that I started, I created small weekly challenges.  If you are new to the blog, the concept is explained here in the introduction

For those of you who are tired of reading through everything to get to the next day, I am putting them in reverse order.  Today is day 7, but you can start day one any time!

Day 7 is here.  

You can find yesterday's which was Day Six here!

Day Four can be found here.

Day Three is here.   

This is Day Two which is one of my favorite of all of the 60 challenges!

and Day One is here.

Remember, you can start anytime! .

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