Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just because somethings hard doesn't mean you shouldn't do it

One of the things I say often is the title of this blog post.  I used it a lot when trying to convince people to adopt teenagers.

Today's challenge might be harder that some of the others, but it's worth doing.

If you are just now joining us, you can learn about this blog in the introduction and explanation of the blog which is here

It's Day 11 if you've been with us all along.

 Day Ten is here.

Here's Day 9

and here is Day 8.

Day 7 is here.  

You can find Day Six here!

Day Four can be found here.

Day Three is here.   

This is Day Two which is one of my favorite of all of the 60 challenges!

and Day One is here.

Remember, you can start anytime! .

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