Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Law of Inertia

Do you know about Newton's Law of Inertia?  The first part says:

An object at rest will stay at rest, forever, as long as nothing pushes or pulls on it.

My attempt in this blog is to get you -- something not in motion and at rest -- to not stay at rest forever.  If you are in a a slump and can't get moving, then this blog is to push or pull you so that you can take that first baby step out of wherever you are.

The introduction and explanation of the blog is here

Today Day Ten if you started at the beginning.

Here's  Day 9

and here is Day 8.

Day 7 is here.  

You can find Day Six here!

Day Four can be found here.

Day Three is here.   

This is Day Two which is one of my favorite of all of the 60 challenges!

and Day One is here.

Remember, you can start anytime! .

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